A Second Civil War? Take A Look At History And Our Current Situation

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The rapid progress towards a second Civil War

Today we are living in a country that is socially disintegrating. There are outside influences that are priming the pump towards the major schism.

What were the sources of our Civil War?  The first and foremost cause was money as always.  The earliest indications were the attempts at nullification in the 1830’s.    Government is drawn to the money like a bee to honey. The South was incredibly wealthy and was easily taxed through an import-export tariff regime. The farmers both small and large wanted to keep their profits which is a shocking concept of course.

The holier than thou puritans of the era, the anti-slave crowd, again began to grow in New England. The slave question provided a self aggrandizing perch from which to seek attention for their habitual purpose of control of society.  Today our betters use any and every foothold to attempt to gain control.  Global warming failed and continues to fail even at the point of a gun in Canada and Holland and Germany. The Chinese flu scam has run its; course as well.  The concept of control is obviously the same as 170 years ago.

The second rate Northern seminarians of that era in the Christian church began to broadcast their new attempts at social control through newspapers and freedom societies. The pathetic maneuverings of these people are/were rather easily ruined by the spotlight on the source of funding. For the seminaries, it was slavery of course!  The shipping companies and banking industry relied on the slave south for their income.  This lead to their foundations receiving marvelous donations dependent on the slavery system that they allegedly abhorred.  Today we have the bankers and communists behind the curtain pulling strings.

That is quite similar to today when the doughnut porkers scream, march and then run home to daddy’s checkbook for respite from a hard days whining.  The security walls at their homes and special dispensations for their criminal actions from the justice system do not appear to enter the hypocritical equations by which they operate.  “You will own nothing but you will be happy.”  Sounds like slavery or indentured servitude to me.   Very little has changed since Diocletian decreed servitude was required to your lord or master.

The southern plantation was a functional model of a socialist state.  The slaves worked and were paid through food and shelter.  They were allowed to keep some of the outside money they earned. The socialist plantation was operated by the elite and the help had to do as they were told. It sounds like the Nazis, I  mean the WEF.  The corporate state is operated in the same fashion except that there are no sufficient old age pensions as there were on southern plantations.  Today you just get the boot through downsizing.  The elite just throw a few coins out the window of their Tesla and drive on. (Charles Dickens) my hero!

The original breakup of our country was because there were two completely opposing views of what our society should be.  The South wished to be left alone and not be browbeaten and pay for another groups’ morality.  The politicians knew of no other source of funds to run the country than the cotton crop.  Tempers rose astronomically with new laws and decrees until cooler heads had no chance at the table.  This schism was unavoidable as more hysteria built up.  There was only the wait for the spark.  Then Mr. Lincoln arrived.  Mr. Joe Bribe’em may be the harbinger of doom.

Today we have decrees in Europe for mandatory shots, hate speech jail terms and personal electronic IDs.  A medical passport is required for shopping in some areas.  What is the difference between 1860 and the nirvana of the clowns that is on our horizon?  The only difference I see is the size of the plantations as they now include entire countries.  As Klaus Schwab would say ”daddy was a Nazi Socialist, why can’t I be”?

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