Abortion Activists Protest Outside Pelosi’s House [VIDEO]

Todd Starnes

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A small group of pro-abortion activists gathered outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence Tuesday to protest the Supreme Court’s potential overruling of Roe v. Wade and to accuse Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues of not doing enough to protect it.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, the pro-abortion activist group Ruth Sent Us wrote, “We have had careless and cowardly representation by @SpeakerPelosi,” demanding the California Democrat to “save abortion” and “defend Roe.”

Independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager captured video of the protest, which showed the protesters outside of Pelosi’s home carrying a banner that said, “Abortion on demand & without apology!” The group also held signs with caricatures of the faces of the five conservative justices who allegedly support the draft opinion that would overturn Roe, with “Liar” written above the justices’ heads.

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