According to Local Reporters, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Will Only Do Interviews With ‘Black or Brown’ Journalists. No Condemnation For Racism, Yet.


Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot made headlines for saying that she would continue to wear her mask, despite being vaccinated. An odd decision considering recent public health guidance, but OK.

Unfortunately, Lightfoot is back in the headlines on Wednesday. For what, you might ask? Well, multiple local Chicago reporters are alleging that she will grant interviews only to journalists of color moving forward.

Mary Ann Ahern with NBC 5 Chicago tweeted this out on Wednesday:

“As ⁦@chicagosmayor reaches her two year midway point as mayor, her spokeswoman says Lightfoot is granting 1 on 1 interviews – only to Black or Brown journalists,” Ahern said in her tweet.


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