Actor Rainn Wilson Says The Unvaccinated ‘Seem To Be The Angriest’ That Government Has Not Ended The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Blaze

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Actor Rainn Wilson, who played the character of Dwight Schrute on the popular TV program “The Office,” has faced pushback from some on social media after saying that those who have not been vaccinated seem to be the most angry that the government has not put a stop to COVID-19.

“People who refuse to get vaccinated seem to be the angriest that the government hasn’t ‘fixed’ or ‘stopped’ the virus by now. Please explain,” Wilson tweeted on Friday.

Some of the people responding to Wilson said that they take issue with government mandates.

“This… isn’t just untrue, it’s (purposefully?) misrepresents the argument coming from folks,” radio host Jason Rantz tweeted. “To 99% of the people pushing back, this is about MANDATES and nothing more. The same is true for the demonstrations in Europe.”

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