‘All The Fentanyl You Want’: Tucker Carlson Calls Out Canada For Banning Guns But Legalizing Fentanyl [VIDEO]

Daily Caller

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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson called out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new push Wednesday to ban handguns while legalizing fentanyl.

Trudeau introduced legislation Monday intending to prohibit the sales, purchases, transfers and imports of handguns and to impose a buy back of military-style semi-automatic weapons. The prime minister told members of Parliament that there “is no reason anyone in Canada should need guns in their everyday lives.”

Carlson said Trudeau is constantly surrounded by firearms because they are the “key to his power.” Canada has had low gun violence rates in the country, with 16 homicides in Ottawa in all of last year, the Daily Caller co-founder said, adding that drug overdoses have plagued the country with 5,000 Canadians dying from opioids, particularly fentanyl.

“So how is Justin Trudeau responding to this? Well, days ago he announced that he is legalizing fentanyl, along with cocaine and methamphetamine in Canada’s third largest province, British Columbia. This is a province where over 165,000 people died last month from drug overdoses. By comparison, in 2020, in the entire nation of Canada, 23 people died per month in acts involving a firearm. So why, if you were concerned about public health, would you ban firearms but legalize fentanyl?” he said.

“Fentanyl is what people are dying from, not guns. How does that make sense? Well, it only makes sense if your goal is to keep the population weak and vulnerable, even if it kills them,” he continued.

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