Amazon Execs Slam Matt Walsh’s ‘Traumatic’ Bestselling Children’s Book “Johnny the Walrus,”

The Post Millennial

In a recently revealed session held by Amazon leadership, team members are heard plotting on how to take down Matt Walsh’s children’s book “Johnny the Walrus,” saying that the picture book is “problematic” and “traumatic.”
Before playing a complaint from a customer, one team member said: “It’s been a very traumatic experience for transgender Amazonians and our transgender customers. What I don’t want to come out of this is slamming the books team with a bunch of tickets; they’re already aware of this. There will be there are things in this space that are happening.”
“But ‘Johnny the Walrus’ is a bit of a problematic book. Not a bit, it is — it is not a bit of a problem. It’s one hell of a problem,” he stressed.
The team member continued on to play a complaint from a female customer, who claimed that the children’s novel is pushing kids to bully transgender children into committing suicide.

“I just checked your website and the book is still on there. I hate to tell you, but it says that the book that it is shipped and sold from you, it is by Matt Walsh,” the woman said.
“It is teaching kids to kill, well, to bully transgenders. Yeah to-to bully them into committing suicide the LGBTQIA, especially transgenders,” she continued.
Explaining the book, the woman said that that the book is about a child that pretends to be a walrus, and “the community tells him he either has to be a human or he has to be a walrus or they’re going to kill him. He can’t be both, he can’t pretend anymore.”

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