Anything To Avoid ‘The Crazy Cackler In Charge’: Greg Gutfeld Urges Biden A Quick Recover From COVID [VIDEO]

Daily Caller

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld pleaded Thursday for President Joe Biden’s speedy recovery to prevent Vice President Kamala Harris from taking office.

During a roundtable discussion on Fox’s “The Five,” Gutfeld urged the president to recover quickly from COVID-19 to prevent the “crazy cackler” from taking the Oval Office.

“Well, I think I speak for all Americans and perhaps the world, President Biden, please get well soon. I mean really, really, get well soon. ok. Don’t get sick, please, ’cause I don’t want the crazy cackler in charge,” Gutfeld said. “I think she was doing cartwheels to work.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced earlier Thursday that Biden tested positive for COVID-19 and was being treated with Paxlovid. The president is fully vaccinated and received two doses of the booster in September and March.

Gutfeld said this incident proves that it was time for the president to “pass the torch” to a younger candidate in 2024.

“Thank God his wife is a doctor,” Gutfeld joked. “I do want to dispel that rumor ’cause people are trying to figure out how he got it. When [Democratic California Gov.] Gavin Newsom was at the White House, he wasn’t sneezing on every doorknob. This is a reason why we got to go younger in 2024, because it is a serious thing even though he’s probably going to be fine.”

“I’m dead serious, he cannot get sick,” Gutfeld continued. “That cannot happen because America’s been through enough, we can’t go through a Kamala Harris moment right now.”

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