AOC confronts troll calling her his ‘favorite big booty Latina’ [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nearly attacked a right-wing troll who was sexually harassing her on the steps of the Capitol after he crowed that she was his ‘favorite big booty Latina.’

Notorious instigator Alex Stein, 35, was waiting at the steps of the Capitol building on Wednesday to film the Democrat Representative from New York, catcalling her and remarking that she ‘wanted to kill babies but she’s still beautiful.’

The congresswoman was approaching the steps with an aide as police stood by during the exchange.

‘I love you, AOC, you’re my favorite!’ he called. ‘You look very beautiful in that dress.’

He caught the 32-year-old’s attention when he made a lewd comment about her body and she changed course to approach him.

The aide physically placed a hand on her chest to hold her back from doing something unwise.

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez posed for an ironic selfie and flashed the peace sign and walked on up the steps.

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