AOC wants to ditch her Tesla after Twitter spat with Elon Musk

Washington Examiner

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) announced she has plans to sell her Tesla weeks after a Twitter squabble with Elon Musk.

Ocasio-Cortez bought her Tesla Model 3 when the pandemic hit in 2020 but is now saying she wants to drive an electric vehicle made by unionized domestic workers.

“At the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one or one and a half charges,” she told Bloomberg. “I would love to switch.”

At the time of her purchase, the only domestic and union-made electric vehicle for sale was the Chevrolet Bolt. Today, the Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup are also available.

The New York Democrat was asked what she thought of Musk’s recent tweets expressing support for the GOP.

“He’s a billionaire. I could care less what he thinks,” she responded.

Late last month, Musk told Ocasio-Cortez to “stop hitting” on him after she took a dig at the “billionaire with an ego problem,” which she denied was Musk, for causing her stress. Twitter agreed to sell the social media platform to Musk earlier this month, a deal that has been put on hold.

“Tired of having to collectively stress about what explosion of hate crimes is happening bc some billionaire with an ego problem unilaterally controls a massive communication platform and skews it because Tucker Carlson or Peter Thiel took him to dinner and made him feel special,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet

In response, Musk told the lawmaker to “stop hitting on me, I’m really shy,” including a blushing and smiling emoji in his tweet.

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