Asian-American Voters ‘Furious’ Over Leftist Policies: Democrats Are Not Our Friends

Fox News

Two Asian-American voters ripped leftist policies on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday, telling host Rachel Campos-Duffy they are “absolutely furious” with the direction of the economy and country. One voter, a Chinese immigrant, also expressed concerns over radical gender ideology and discriminatory admissions practices exercised at schools across the nation.

Asian Americans fear an American version of the ‘Cultural Revolution’ is underway

XI VAN FLEET: First, the Asians realize that Democrats are not their friends because they see their children being discriminated against for elite high school and college admission in the name of equity sponsored by the Democratic Party. Secondly, most of the Asian parents are culturally conservative. They are not on board with the radical gender ideology being taught in school by the Democrats. Thirdly, that Asians realize that the Democrat Party will remain silent about skyrocketing violent crimes against Asians…

Voters voice concerns on economy, college admissions, crime and gender ideology

ELIZABETH HENG: I think Asian-Americans are absolutely furious at what is happening with our economy, not just Asian Americans, but I think Americans as a whole. When we look at, as you mentioned, a lot of Asian-Americans are small business owners. During the pandemic, many of them felt that they were attacked and their businesses were being destroyed unnecessarily. Asian-Americans are such a big proponent of freedoms and focusing on the values that this country has given to many of the immigrants that have come here as first, second, third generations. When you see bad policies coming out of California and out of Washington, D.C. with President Biden, that is destroying the fundamentals that has allowed their families, their children to succeed. They are coming out in mass, they’re going to vote, and they’re going to help flip this election so that we can bring sanity back to California, back to this country, and get our economy and our livelihoods going again.

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