Awesome: Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Makes Bold Statement About Jeffrey Epstein

The Blue State Conservative

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gives the impression that she wants to be the southwest state’s Ron DeSantis. Lake is a straightshooter with the seeming presence of a spine and moral compass.

In the year since she announced her candidacy against the RINO Doug Ducey, who does conservative things when he feels like it and then sells out the state just as often, Kari Lake has spat fire into the cultural morass. Her latest tweet is no different:

How many politicians have publicly questioned Epstein’s death? How many aspiring politicians have done so as well? Even a no-nonsense guy like DeSantis has generally refrained from wading into those murky waters. Taking a loud stance against the obvious immoral corruption within elitist circles is exactly what we need to see leaders do. Otherwise, they are simply part of the problem.

Aside from the fact that Epstein clearly did not kill himself, has it really been three years already? I get that time stood still for two years of globalists’ efforts to squash freedom, but still. It certainly doesn’t feel like three years.

On par with her assessment of Epstein’s death, Lake offers no shortage of Trump-esque talking points. She is direct and truth telling. An additional benefit is her years as a news broadcaster, endowing her with a certain charisma and ability to deliver information with clarity and precision.

Here are just a few other examples:

Given that Lake makes the obligatory rounds on media and has a growing presence on social media outlets, she is going to say a lot of stuff. What’s amazing is how much of a commonsense voice she is, on topics ranging from immigration (which is a huge issue in Arizona), to cultural issues, to even hidden truths like the Epstein case. Hearing Lake speak on these issues ought to instill confidence in voters that she will approach others with the same levelheadedness and resolve.

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