Biden Admin and ACLU Gear Up To Defend Trans Hormone Treatment for Children

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The Biden administration and liberal legal groups are gearing up to battle red state laws that prohibit children from receiving transgender hormone treatment.

Gov. Kay Ivey (R.) signed a bill into law last week that makes Alabama the third state to ban children from receiving hormone therapy and puberty blockers. The legislation, however, is already in jeopardy. The Biden Justice Department in March warned state attorneys general against enforcing hormone-treatment bans for minors, saying they run afoul of federal anti-discrimination laws. Liberal legal groups including the American Civil Liberties Union promised this week to “use the full force of the law” to challenge the Alabama legislation in court—a move that blocked a similar law in Arkansas last year.

The White House this week slammed the Alabama law, with press secretary Jen Psaki saying during a press conference that hormone therapy for minors is “lifesaving health care.” Steve Marshall, the Republican attorney general of Alabama, said his state is prepared to stand up to liberal groups’ legal challenges and White House opposition, which he called “predictable and of very little interest to Alabamians.”

“It is undoubtedly difficult for the Biden administration, including the Department of Justice, to accept that Alabama is a sovereign state,” Marshall told the Washington Free Beacon. “We’re prepared to act like it.”

Alabama is just the latest state to face challenges over its hormone-treatment ban for children. Arkansas last year became the first state to ban the practice, but a federal court blocked the law in response to a legal challenge from the ACLU. The group, along with other liberal organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Human Rights Campaign, has vowed to challenge a similar law passed this year in Arizona. When Texas governor Greg Abbott (R.) in February ordered state social services to investigate parents whose children receive hormone treatment, a Texas appeals court blocked the order following another ACLU legal challenge.

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