Biden Admin Relying On Taliban To ‘Protect Us’ At Kabul Airport, Is Sharing Intelligence With Them, Top General Says

The Daily Wire

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General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Commander of the United States Central Command, said during a press conference on Thursday that the U.S. Military, under the leadership of Democrat President Joe Biden, is relying on the Taliban to “protect us” with the security they are supposed to be providing outside the airport.

McKenzie’s remarks come as at least 12 U.S. soldiers and at least 60 Afghans were killed in suicide bombings at the airport earlier in the day.

McKenzie said that they were focused on other “extremely active threat streams” to the airfield, which follows a report from Fox News that said that there were hundreds of ISIS terrorists outside of the airport.

“But right now our focus really, we have other active threat streams, extremely active threat streams against the airfield, we want to make sure we are taking the steps to protect ourselves there,” he said. “Our focus is on that.”

McKenzie said that the threat of additional Islamic terrorist attacks were “imminent” and “could occur at any moment.”

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