Biden Admin Spends $1.5 Million on ‘Transgender Programming’ for Inmates


The left is becoming more aggressive at pushing their transgender agenda on society, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop forcing their woke narrative any time soon.

In fact, prisoners will now have luxurious options when it comes to “transitioning,” and all paid for by the American people, of course.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) entered a $1.5 million contract with a private company to develop a “transgender programming curriculum” to be used in prisons across the U.S.

According to a statement to the Epoch Times from the office of public affairs for the department’s Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), the curriculum will teach “techniques to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional, and sexual health and safety.”

The program will help incarcerated inmates how to “manage identity concerns during incarceration” and advocate for their “sexual health and safety.”

The contract also asks the firm to develop a program to help transgender inmates access hormone treatment after they are released.

Less than one percent, or 1,114 inmates of the 158,033 federal inmates under the BOP’s charge, identify as transgender, meaning the Biden administration spent roughly $1,250 on each transgender inmate.

In guidelines released earlier this year, the DOJ’s program prohibits prison staff from referring to inmates by their biological gender if they identify as a different gender than they were born.

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