Biden Administration: Indoctrinate Kids On Transgender Insanity Or No Lunch For The Poor Kids

The Blue State Conservative

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Biden’s willing to let poor kids go hungry to force transgender affirmation on schools. Talk about strings attached! The US Department of Agriculture just mandated that if a school wishes to receive Federal money meant for school lunches for poor and low-income students, those schools MUST implement all of the Biden Administration’s “anti-discrimination” policies concerning LGBTQ, especially those experiencing gender dysphoria (transgenderism).

So, let those boys into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, or your kindergartner will be forced into involuntary “food abstinence” against their will – and yours. This is a PERFECT example of when a Government agency decides to take on Powers that have not been given to it AND decides that it is going to go beyond its mission. In this case, enforcing Government’s secular sexuality religion. Who thought that you’d hear “pancakes or sausage for your naughty bits” from the lunch lady?

Here’s the link to the USDA’s pronouncement.  Soft, smooth words but the Tyranny is leering from behind President Asterisk: “Do as I tell you or little Johnny and Janie go hungry”.

Nice guy, that Biden feller.

Making Kindergartners political pawns. So, Gilford High School’s Anthony Sperazzo, which “political pawn” is worse – me PROTESTING the Gilford School Systems anti-Free Speech and implementing the mandate that you HAVE to lie to Parents, or make little (and not so little) ones go hungry?

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