Biden Approval Below 40 Percent in New Poll as He Starts Losing Democrat Support

The Gateway Pundit

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Joe Biden’s approval rating has crashed through the forty percent barrier in a new YouGov/Economist poll that has Biden now at 39 percent approval. Biden has been in freefall for the past month in the wake of his self-induced debacle in Afghanistan and the spread of the Delta variant that has belied Biden’s campaign promise to crush the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden, who had already lost independents, is now losing support from Democrats–going from support of well over 90 percent to the mid-70s.

The American people are turning their backs on Joe Biden after he repeatedly turned his back on them.

Numbers posted by Ryan Girdusky:

“YouGov/Economist, first poll that has Biden’s approval under 40%. (approve/disapprove)

Overall: 39/50
Men: 36/53
Women: 42/46
White men no degree: 28/61
White women w/ degree: 53/42
Black: 65/26 (Typo, actually 55/26)
Hispanic: 41/36
Registered Voters: 43/53
Dems: 77/15
GOP: 9/89
Indie: 35/56

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