Biden AWOL: Spent Over 25 Percent of his Presidency on Vacation

The National Pulse

Joe Biden has spent 95 of his 348 days President on vacation, mostly in Delaware. That equates to a quarter of the Biden regime’s first year in office, at the time of writing, being spent doing anything other than being President during one of the most crisis-ridden times in modern human history.

Biden went back to Delaware just two and a half weeks after being sworn into office. His trips back and forth to his home state for “personal time” have been celebrated by the far-left media. They congratulate the 79-year-old for chasing his dogs around but at least he’s not playing golf.

By October 2021, Biden had sought refuge in Delaware at least 25 times. Only on one vacation did he take time away from relaxing to do his job, when he visited Dover Air Force Base for the homecoming of the 11 service members killed in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. The service members were murdered in the terror attack during Biden’s failed exit from Afghanistan and Biden was mostly noted for repeatedly checking his watch that day, for when he could leave.

Biden choosing to vacation during the fall of Kabul is just one example of the many times the President has disappeared during a major international crisis.

Other examples include his choice to vacation instead of visiting the southern border amidst the largest organized crime, human smuggling and trafficking in modern history. The Biden regime has overseen a more than 110 percent increase apprehensions of unaccompanied minors along the US southern border with Mexico.

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