Biden calls CNN’s Don Lemon ‘one of the most informed journalists in the country’ during town hall

The Blaze

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President Joe Biden recently called partisan CNN anchor Don Lemon — who has argued that Americans don’t see black people as “human beings” and that parents against critical race theory are just being selfish — “one of the most informed journalists in the country.”

The president made the remarks while responding to a question about how to restore faith in the American system of government during a town hall on Wednesday night.

“How do you change the mistrust in the system among some members of the black community?” the question said.

Biden began his response by reciting a commitment he made to take responsibility for his mistakes by publicly owning up to them. Then he went on to say that generally, it’s about “raising confidence in elected officials.”

But confidence in government is at all an all-time low, Biden explained, as evidenced by the scoffing that ensued after he declared on the campaign trail that he wanted to “unite the country.” According to Biden, Lemon remembered the criticism he received because he is well-informed.

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