Biden Cuts Successful COVID Treatment Supplies To Red States

Not The Bee

You’ve probably heard about monoclonal antibodies—a therapeutic treatment that has been highly successful at treating COVID-19. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for instance, aggressively championed the procedure in his state, which saw such promising results that even Dr. Anthony Fauci came out strongly in support of it.

Now, however, the Biden administration is announcing that it will begin rationing the treatment throughout the U.S., citing an alleged fear of shortages:

An HHS spokesperson said seven states have accounted for 70% of orders for the therapy. Those seven states are Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

“Given this reality, we must work to ensure our supply of these life-saving therapies remains available for all states and territories, not just some,” the HHS spokesperson said.

The distribution, which is similar to a system employed earlier this year, will fall to HHS, which will allocate product to states and territories each week, rather administration sites ordering them directly.

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