Biden Hits Shocking New Seven-Decade Low in Polling Data

The Gateway Pundit

President Joe Biden has tried to redefine the word “recession.” Can he do the same thing with the term “approval rating?”

If not, then he and the Democrats are in real trouble. That’s because the latest round of presidential polling from Gallup came out Friday — and Biden not only sits at a personal low of 38 percent, his sixth-quarter average of 40 percent approval is the lowest of any president during the history of the Gallup poll.

Just for clarification, that goes all the way back to Dwight David Eisenhower, who hit the sixth quarter of his presidency in 1954. That’s right — Biden sits at the lowest number in seven decades.

In a media release, Gallup did try to soften the blow: “No president elected to his first term has had a lower sixth-quarter average than Biden, although Jimmy Carter’s and Donald Trump’s ratings were only slightly better, at 42%. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan also averaged below majority approval.”

Just so we’re clear, though: At least four of the five presidents mentioned there suffered cataclysmic wipeouts in the midterm elections. (Ronald Reagan, while he didn’t fare well in the 1982 midterms due to a recession, saw a Senate that was largely unchanged, even if the Democrats did gain 27 seats in the House. So, it could be five out of five, depending on your definition of whether 1982 was a wipeout. Either way, those aren’t the odds I would pick, were I a Democrat.)

The July 5-26 Gallup survey has a bevy of bad numbers for the president beyond precedent, as well.

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