Biden Offers Feeble Response to China’s Ramped up Aggression, Says Xi Agreed to Abide by Mysterious ‘Taiwan Agreement’

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President Joe Biden was asked about China’s recent campaign of ramping up provocations against Taiwan on the White House lawn Tuesday as he exited Marine One from a trip to Michigan, offering a mealy-mouthed response that seemed to only add confusion to an already tense situation.

Saying he has spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about Taiwan, the president said they agreed to abide by the “Taiwan agreement.”

“I’ve spoken with Xi about Taiwan. We agree we will abide by the Taiwan agreement,” he told reporters. “That’s where we are and I made it clear that I don’t think he should be doing anything other than abiding by the agreement.”

Biden offered no timeframe as to when that discussion took place. He spoke with Xi a month ago in a 90-minute call on Sept. 9, which was reportedly their first talk in seven months.

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