Biden Says He Was Given “List” of Pre-Approved Reporters to Call On [VIDEO]

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At a press conference in Israel, Biden admits that he was given a list of pre-approved reporters to call on… ignoring anyone who’s not on the list

During one of his very rare press conferences, this time in Israel, Joe Biden reveals that his staff gave him a list of pre-approved reporters to call on.

“Mr. President you want to call on the next question?”

Joe Biden: “Umm, sure. I-i was given a list, here. Uh… Steve Holland of Reuters.”

Notoriously incompetent, reclusive, and gaff-prone, Joe Biden’s staff has seemingly decided to preemptively perform damage control. By limiting questions only to pre-approved reporters they can avoid Biden having to actually answer any pressing or difficult questions, however this comes at the expense of the free press.

In having Biden only call on the soft-ball reporters, the rights of the people to have answers and the rights of the press to ask them are being trampled on.

Joe Biden has conducted very few interviews and press conferences since taking office. His White House Press Secretary picks have played defense for him hard, denying and spinning everything while lying through their teeth at every turn.

As for Biden himself, now his handlers have decided who is allowed to ask him questions–so we will never get to see him have to answer questions about the damage he has done to this country.

However, admitting that he has a list in front of the whole world is also extraordinarily embarrassing to the United States.

This is the man with “81 million votes.”

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