Biden Sends U.S. Taxpayer Dollars to Taliban… to Save Afghan Salamanders?


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Months since Biden tried to claim credit for successfully withdrawing the United States from Afghanistan despite his exit being deadly chaos that left a still unknown number of Americans behind, Biden is allowing American tax dollars to flow back into the failed state that’s now under terrorist control. The president’s decision to send money to terrorists, and the programs supposedly being funded with those tax dollars, just won Biden the January 2022 Squeal Award for government waste from Senator Joni Ernst.

Among these programs supposedly being funded by taxpayer dollars — and bound to be administered based on the benevolence of terrorists — are “Activities to support environmental and natural resource protection in Afghanistan, including the preservation and protection of threatened or endangered species, responsible and transparent management of natural resources, and the remediation of pollution or other environmental damage.”

Among a 2009 list of endangered species allegedly to be protected by American tax dollars are some plants, a salamander, and one insect.

The Taliban may be monsters — a government fact sheet on the funding scheme notes that “The Taliban and Haqqani Network are designated as Specially Designated Global Terrorists… and the Haqqani Network is also designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization” — but even they care about pollution and protecting endangered species and will allow American funds to be used as intended. Or so the Biden administration seems to believe.

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