VACANT: Biden Stares Blankly And Picks His Teeth When Asked If He Under Estimated Putin [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

President Joe Biden hit Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocy with a dose of sarcasm after the reporter yelled and asked the president if he ‘underestimated Putin.’

‘The thing I love about the press is they’re always on message,’ Biden said at a Tuesday afternoon minerals event with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and climate adviser Gina McCarthy.

He then joked to those participating virtually, which included California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, ‘Did you underestimate Putin?’

The president was in a more jovial mood at the afternoon gathering in the South Court Auditorium after having already announced the new Russian sanctions.

‘Hi, everybody. How are you? Gavin, how are you, man?’ he said upon entering.

Newsom told BIden he had an ‘over/under that you were going to do this today.’

‘I’m impressed,’ the Democratic governor added.’I am impressed. Thank you for not canceling on us.’

Biden suggested that wasn’t in the cards.

‘Oh, are you kidding me? We don’t have much going on, you know, other than Russia and Ukraine and – anyway,’ he said. ‘Should we start? I guess I’m starting, huh? I guess I already started,’ he said laughing.

Biden then touted the progress made by the government and private industry to boost American production of minerals used to make electric vehicles and other renewable energy products, but stressed that new mines must benefit host communities and not damage the environment.

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