“It’s Communism!…”: Biden Supports Suspending Patents on Vaccines [VIDEO]

PJ Media

Joe Biden will waive intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines, setting up a war between the White House and Big Pharma.

If you want to put the brakes on vaccine production, Biden has the plan for it.

The move to waive patent requirements is supposed to speed up vaccine distribution to the developing world. But there are so many potholes that have to be avoided before a single dose of vaccine is manufactured in third-world countries that even some on the left are asking whether it wouldn’t be faster to manufacture the doses and then give them away to impoverished nations.

On Thursday morning Degan McDowell and Newt Gingrich weighed in on this assault on property rights. Newt mentioned how this was a gift to the Chinese communists who will not be forced to steal this property and who will outproduce the US in manufacturing the vaccines.

Degan McDowell went a step further, saying, “It’s communism!… It rips up what we are as Americans!”

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