Biden Takes Bizarre Victory Lap on Worst Jobs Report of His Presidency Then Shuffles Off [VIDEO]


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Joe Biden on Friday celebrated the terrible September jobs report.

The September jobs report was worse than August’s numbers and shocked panelists on CNN and CNBC.
Nearly 90 minutes late to address the September jobs report, President Biden either doesn’t understand the harm that his policies have caused to the American economy or he’s hoping you don’t know any better. Despite the worst jobs report of his presidency dropping on Friday, Biden spoke positively about the latest unemployment numbers.

Spinning furiously, Biden attempted to claim that the sub-5 percent unemployment rate was proof his “build back better” agenda was working, but failed to recognize that September’s report missed predictions by 60 percent and 300,000 jobs. Biden claimed that Americans shouldn’t pay attention to September’s numbers — the second month in a row in which new payrolls missed estimations by a significant margin — because the numbers “bounce around.” Oh.

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