Biden to endorse changing Senate filibuster rules to pass voting changes

Fox News

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President Biden on Tuesday is expected to endorse changes to the Senate filibuster in order to push through federal voting rights legislation, and warn that the tool has “injured the body enormously” and contributed to “abhorrent” GOP obstruction of the measure, a White House official said.

The president is set to travel to Georgia Tuesday to deliver remarks from the Atlanta University Center Consortium, on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College.

In his speech, Biden is expected to “forcefully advocate” for protecting what a White House official described as “the most bedrock American rights: the right to vote and have your vote counted in a free, fair and secure election that is not tainted by partisan manipulation.”

Biden’s remarks will take place in the former district of late Rep. John Lewis, as he urges the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

“The next few days, when these bills come to a vote, will mark a turning point in this nation,” Biden will say, according to prepared remarks. “Will we choose democracy over autocracy, light over shadow, justice over injustice?”

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