Bidenflation Skyrockets: Even Worse Than Expected


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Nearly all Americans expect the inflation under Joe Biden’s presidency will worsen still, even as the cost of gas and used cars is already up by 45 percent, and bacon up by 8.4 percent, the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

“The hashtag #Bidenflation has been trending recently,” wrote Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard, noting a new survey from Skynova, an online invoicing firm that found 88 percent of people in the United States believe the current inflation is “here to stay and will soar more.”

“Projections shared with Secrets from the Statista Research Department show it increasing at about 2.5% through 2024 and ‘tapering off’ by 2026,” he observed. “It’s currently at about 5.4%.”

According to the Skynova survey of 1,040 respondents, 78 percent reported signs of inflation in their daily lives and 61 percent said inflation is an important political issue.

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