Bidens Bombing! Joe’s Not The Only One With Tanking Poll Numbers… Take A Look At Jill’s

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In the past fifty years, we’ve had precisely ten different First Ladies in America.

Some of them spent their time in the White House mostly under the radar, with Rosalynn Carter and both Laura and Barbara Bush falling into this category. Others such as Nancy Reagan with her fondness for astronomy and Betty Ford with her personal challenges were somewhat quirkier, but they were likeable and mostly unremarkable. Both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama could be outspoken and controversial, but at least they were mostly clever and competent. And then we have Jill Biden.

The adage “opposites attract” may be true in some cases, but the same can be said for those with remarkable similarities. And in the case of Jill and Joe Biden, it appears that is precisely the case. While First Lady Jill Biden may have a Ph.D., an academic achievement that anyone with a “D” next to their name is mandated to acknowledge by constantly referring to her as “Doctor Jill”, she’s also shown a penchant for saying and doing stupid things and resembles her bumbling husband as she does.

A recent poll shows that not only does Jill Biden tend to commit gaffes akin to those of our commander-in-chief, she’s also got polling numbers that are within spitting distance of Good Ole’ Joe. According to The Washington Examiner:

“First lady Jill Biden’s approval has fallen to its lowest point since her husband President Joe Biden took office, according to a new poll. The most recent CNN/SSRS poll, released Monday, showed the first lady’s favorability among U.S. adults dropped 24 points in one year.

The poll, which has tracked Jill Biden’s favorability each year since 2020, pegged her approval rating at 34% — down from 58% in 2021 and 46% in 2020. The percentage who hold an unfavorable view of her has held steady around 29%.”

Sound familiar?

Perhaps a saving grace for Doctor Jill is that while her approval rating of 34% puts her squarely in the neighborhood of hubby Joe and Vice-President Kamala Harris, at least her disapproval rating has stayed static. Nonetheless, a 34% approval rating for a First Lady? That is not good.

To be fair to the First Lady, a substantial portion of that drop in approval undoubtedly stems from her husband’s disastrous performance. Inflation is devastating the country, we appear to be headed for a recession if we’re not already there, and Biden’s foreign policy blunders in Afghanistan and Ukraine have been catastrophic. People are pissed off, and they’re going to have a negative opinion of anyone associated with the president. But that doesn’t explain all of it, and a drop of 24 percentage points in one year points to a more fundamental problem.

Some of the nation’s dissatisfaction with Mrs. Biden can likely be attributed to the corruption in the Biden family as a whole. Between Hunter’s debauchery, the shenanigans of Joe’s brothers James and Frank, and the apparent complicity of Joe in those situations, some are assigning guilt by association to Jill. The Bidens are dirty, that’s Jill’s last name, and that’s all some folks need to know.

But what we appear to be seeing with Jill Biden’s plummeting popularity is more than her simply being lumped in with her husband and his family. There’s more going on. Mrs. Biden’s misstep last week comparing the Hispanic community with tacos showed the First Lady has a fundamental misunderstanding of Americans: Hispanic or otherwise. Jill Biden is an elitist. She thinks she’s better and smarter than everyone else, she’s condescending in her tone, and she’s frequently off-putting. And these latest polling numbers spell more bad news for an Administration that seemingly receives it on an hourly basis.

If Joe Biden runs again in 2024, will Doctor Jill be a detriment? Probably not. With Joe polling right around the same as his wife, Jill will be an afterthought. First Ladies typically don’t bring down a candidate. But a popular First Lady could certainly boost her husband’s morale, if not his chances. But the Bidens can’t even get that right.

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