Big Tech Tyranny: Godaddy To Stop Hosting Anti-Abortion Website


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Website hosting service GoDaddy on Friday said it will terminate services for the owner of an anti-abortion website that allows people to report suspected abortions in response to a new Texas law that imposes a near-total ban on abortion.

“Last night we informed they have violated GoDaddy’s terms of service and have 24 hours to move to a different provider,” the company said in a statement.

Texas Right to Life, the group owning the website, in a statement said it will not be silenced, adding that it would put its website back up.

“Our IT team is already in process of transferring our assets to another provider and we’ll have the site restored within 24-48 hours. Come back soon,” a spokeswoman for the group said in a statement.

The ban, which took effect early on Wednesday, leaves enforcement up to individual citizens, enabling them to sue anyone who provides or “aids or abets” an abortion after six weeks. Citizens who win such lawsuits would be entitled to at least $10,000.

The group’s website,, allows people to submit anonymous tips on suspected abortions.

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