Bill Maher Has A Learning Disability

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I’ve been reading on a regular basis about how amazing it is that even Bill Maher is slapping back at the left. I’ve even been convinced that he might be on the verge of turning his back on the Democratic Party. That’s nonsense.

Fox News reported that Bill Maher said about Elon Musk saying he’s going to vote Republican, “I’ve got to part company there”. Maher then goes on to say he will never vote Republican because they ignore climate change and January 6th, Trump, etc.

I recently enjoyed Bill Maher attacking the LGBTQ orthodoxy, here.

Then he makes fun of Biden’s limp wristed “Ultra-MAGA” insult, here.

Bill Maher asks when Biden will take immigration seriously, here.

Then Bill Maher attacked Twitter for halting The Babylon Bee’s tweets, here. Quote, “You do need a new sheriff.

In this one, Maher praises DeSantis, and knocks the media for getting Covid wrong, here.

Here’s Maher calling Democrats, “Pigs at the trough” over Covid spending, here.

Bill Maher even has the brains to admit that the Democrats are about to get their asses kicked come November(hopefully), here.

All these rays of sunshine from a Democrat who keeps tricking me into thinking he’s learning something. And even better, he might be infecting other Democrats with his logic and clear thinking on his show, right?

All that changes when Bill Maher tells the world that even though Elon Musk is a genius. Even though Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and that Twitter needed to be taken down a peg. Even though Elon Musk is right on just about everything, he’s wrong to vote Republican. Why? Because Bill Maher said so, that’s why. Vote Democrat!

Elon Musk came around because the Democrat party thought it would be a good idea to continuously piss off the richest man in the world, (and Trump). But the Democrat party can dump on Bill Maher all they want to. They can attack kindergartners for being slave owners, they can force transgenderism on kids and make parents the villain. They can ignore thousands crossing the border illegally every day. They can raise taxes, they can crash the economy. But you know what? Like a beat-up wife that won’t press charges, Bill Maher won’t step up until the Democrats have beaten him to death. Also, if he’s just going to keep voting Democrat no matter what, why bother complaining about it in the first place?

By Ben Revermann

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