Bill Maher Predicts Dems Will Get ‘Thumped’ In 2022, Biden ‘Hasn’t Exactly Stuck The Landing’

The Daily Wire

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Speaking with CNN host Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night, Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” predicted the Democrats will get “thumped” in the mid-term elections, adding of President Biden, “He has not exactly stuck the landing.”

Cuomo asked, “When we talk again, eight months, from today? Hopefully, we’ll talk a lot before then. Eight months from today, do you think things are better or worse?”

“Well, they’re not going better for Biden and the Democrats,” Maher admitted. “And I think that’s getting — eight months is going to be close to the midterm election. I think they’re going to get whopped or thumped in the — I mean, that usually happens in midterm elections. But, I mean, Joe — look, I’m glad he’s there. But he has not exactly stuck the landing, on a lot of the issues that he was dealing with.”

Maher spoke of Republicans’ view of Democrats:

… they hate you. Because they really hate you. I mean, look at the election we just had in Virginia. I mean, the Democrats lost some of those rural counties by 80 percent. We don’t do 80 percent, or we never used to, in America. A landslide was a guy got 58 percent of the vote. That’s what made us great. And you saw in other countries, “Oh, Castro got 99 percent of the vote,” we would laugh.

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