BLM Under Fire From Cuban Artist: ‘All Black Lives Matter, Except Cuban Black Lives’

Daily Wire

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A Cuban artist blasted Black Lives Matter for its statement about Cuban protests, which many saw as apologetic toward the Cuban government.

José Luis Aparicio Ferrera — a producer and director who, according to his Facebook page, is based in Havana — posted: “For #blacklivesmatters all black lives matter, except Cuban black lives.”

Alongside several other artists, Aparicio Ferrera publicly refused to create work for the regime:

I will not enter my films in any festival or government sponsored event or write copy for any of their publications. I do not plan to participate in any official activities from now on. It’s not much, but it is what I decided.

Black Lives Matter condemned the United States government for trying to “crush” the Cuban Revolution through its embargo, alleging that the policy inhibits Cubans’ ability to choose their own government:

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