Bloomberg: ‘Wokeism Will Rule The World’ After Becoming The Next Great US Export


Apparently, being woke is American, and what the rest of the world needs is some good American wokeism. Professor Tyler Cowen writes that he is “decidedly un-woke” and that his essay is meant to why and how enemies of wokeism should learn to live with it.

We’re not sure why Bloomberg chose that photo — those two ladies must be woke.

Cowen writes:

Wokeism is an idea that can be adapted to virtually every country: Identify a major form of oppression in a given region or nation, argue that people should be more sensitive to it, add some rhetorical flourishes, purge some wrongdoers (and a few innocents) and voila — you have created another woke movement.

As the technology writer and lawyer Paul Skallas has written: “MeToo and BlackLivesMatter are essentially US culture issues which provide an effective identity for internationals of the progressive class.” Almost every other country now has its own version of woke, though it may differ greatly from the American version.

“Internationals of the progressive class” sounds like the first group we should ignore.

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