BOOM! Biden Shocked At Price Of Beef: Blames “Four Big Corporations” [VIDEO]

The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden on Monday was shocked to learn the price of beef has skyrocketed.

However, he blamed “four big corporations” that “control more than half the markets in beef” rather than admit inflation is causing food prices to rise.

“Four big corporations control more than half the markets in beef, pork and poultry. These middlemen, that they buy from, farmers and ranchers, and sell the processors. Excuse me sell the process — excuse me sell the processed product, to grocery stores. That’s the way it works,” said Biden.

“I was sitting in my kitchen yesterday and there’s a sun room off the kitchen,” out-of-touch elitist Joe Biden said as he expressed shock over the price of ground beef.

“My wife was there with her sister and her good friend named Maryanne and she was saying, ‘do you realize it’s over $5.00 for a pound of hamburger meat?’ $5.00?” Biden said. “You know, a pound of beef today costs 5 bucks compared to less than 4 bucks before the pandemic.”

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