BOOM! ‘Just once, why don’t you ask about Biden and Psaki’: Ted Cruz Slams Lectern In Fury [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

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Sen. Ted Cruz slammed a lectern in fury on Tuesday as he accused the Biden administration of hypocrisy on COVID policy and railed against a ‘one-sided media’ for only asking Republicans why they weren’t wearing masks on Tuesday.

During a Republican press conference to discuss President Joe Biden’s voter rights push, he was asked why he and his colleagues weren’t wearing masks.

He said everyone appearing with him had been double vaccinated and boosted.

‘And by the way, on the question of hypocrisy, you just asked, you people at the podium are speaking without masks.

‘Just once, I’d like to see a reporter say to Joe Biden when he stands at the damn podium in the White House without a mask, “Mr. President, why aren’t you wearing a mask?” he said, slamming the lectern with a fist to punctuate his remarks.

‘Just once, I’d like to see you say to Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, when she stands at the podium with no mask, “Ms. Psaki, why don’t you have a mask?’

‘The questions are only directed at one side, and I got to say that the American people see the hypocrisy.’

He was responding to a question in which a reporter referred to the ‘glaring visual’ of a line of GOP senators standing before the media without masks.

Last week, the Attending Physician of the U.S. Congress advised staff to stay home as the highly infectious Omicron spread through members and their offices.

And Cruz made his comments a day after four lawmakers announced they had caught COVID-19, adding to four more – including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who announced positive tests over the weekend.

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