Boom! Kellyanne Conway Hilariously Scorches Biden On Whether He’ll Finish His Term [VIDEO]

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Kellyanne Conway took a hammer to Slow Joe and his mental state during a recent Fox News appearance, joking with Sean Hannity that while the Resident in Chief might be able to finish his current term as president and make it to 2024 (which frankly seems like a bit of a stretch), President Brandon can’t even manage to finish a sentence.

That joke came after Hannity played a funny video of Biden horribly butchering an attempt at a sentence, and when it ended, said “That man is not fit to be president.

He then asked Kellyanne Conway to discuss Biden’s mental state and presidency, particularly whether the Democrats would try to force him out before 2024.

Conway, responding, noted that the reason the Democrats probably won’t push Biden out is that his replacement would be Kamala Harris, who is just as bad as Biden, if not worse. Making that point, Conway said:

“Well, they fear that then the next person in line for the job isn’t up for the job either. Her name is Kamala Harris, and she doesn’t do much better at the talking thing than he does.”

Continuing, she ripped the recent leftist reports that Biden is too old, asking why, if he wasn’t too old 18 months ago, he’s too old now, saying:

It’s so fascinating, isn’t it, that when the Democrats now are coming out of the woodwork and saying somehow a guy who wasn’t too old 18 months ago is too old now.

They stop short of saying get rid of him now, just don’t run again in 2024 because they don’t say let’s just get Kamala to step in there. She, neither, like him, she also does not inspire confidence or demonstrate competence.

Concha then jumped in to make a joke about Biden, noting that “when we focus on age, the premise seems to be that when Joe Biden had his fastball, he had the proper instincts and have the proper perspective and policies to move the country forward” before quoting former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who said that Biden had been “wrong about every foreign policy decision throughout his 50-year career, whether it be in the senate or as vice president.”

So no wonder are foreign policy has been a disaster; President Brandon is just doing what he’s always done and is getting all the foreign policy questions wrong.

It was then, that Conway got to her best joke. Responding to Sean Hannity, who asked whether Biden would finish his term and make it to 2024, Conway said:

“Yes, he’s not going to finish any sentences, but he will finish his first term.”

Biden, meanwhile, had a very embarrassing gaffe about the Holocaust when speaking in Israel, underscoring the “not going to finish any sentences” part of Conway’s joke about his presidency.

Perhaps he should fly home and go back to quietly eating oatmeal in his basement and avoid attempting those tricky sentences.

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