BREAKING: United States CRASHES into a Recession, 2Q GDP Comes in Negative

Red State

The United States officially entered a recession at the beginning of July based on the accepted definition perpetrated by modern economics. After 1Q GDP came in at -1.6 percent, 2Q GDP has now been released, showing -0.9 percent.

That news comes as the White House has been desperately trying to redefine the term “recession,” with an assist from some willing mainstream media outlets. Still, the fact remains that every single period of two-straight quarters of negative growth in modern history has been declared a recession. Any deviation from that rule at this point is purely political.


You can expect the Biden administration to kick the spin into high gear now that this data is out there in the open. How many journalists in the news industry will stand up for the truth on this matter? I’m going to venture not many.

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