Brit Hume: McAuliffe’s Defeat Will Be Seen as a ‘Political Earthquake’ For Dems Heading Into Midterms

Fox News

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Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s defeat could mean a “political earthquake” for Democrats heading into 2022 –-and the candidate is “running scared,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Tuesday.

President Biden joined McAuliffe on the campaign trail earlier Tuesday as polls show the Virginia gubernatorial election neck-and-neck between the former governor and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Hume said Biden’s visit represents a last-ditch effort to pull McAuliffe over the edge as panic sets in among Democrats in the deep blue state.

“This is a candidate running scared, very scared and with good reason,” Hume told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Hume pointed to McAuliffe’s repeated false statements about the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, which earned him four Pinocchios from The Washington Post.

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