Brit Hume: ‘This Is On Him’: Blames Biden For ‘Hideously Botched’ US Withdrawal From Afghanistan [VIDEO]

Daily Caller

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Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Monday that President Joe Biden is responsible for the “hideously botched” U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
“He inherited a drawn-down force about to be removed from Afghanistan,” Hume told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
“His job was to remove it safely and effectively, right? And the consequences of his decision making about how to do that was what we saw today and yesterday. This is on him. This piece of it is on him,” Hume continued.

“This question, this issue is all about how you execute the final pullout and this was unmistakably hideously botched,” Hume went on, adding that political planners clearly did not “have a handle on this.”

The veteran journalist also called the withdrawal “a stain on Joe Biden” and “a disaster” that was “horribly planned.”

The images of the the terrified Afghanis on the airport tarmac will be “stamped in people’s minds” and “the best thing” that Biden can anticipate is that little news will escape from Afghanistan once the Taliban consolidate their control and begin to commit atrocities and resume “the subjugation of women,” Hume said.

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson quipped that “It’s possible they will make their people wear masks and cover their faces.”

Hume agreed that the burka will undoubtedly return and noted that the nation building mission of the U.S. in Afghanistan faded years ago. “Nothing we are doing there is nation building. How are you going to nation build with 2500 troops for God’s sake?

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