Britney Spears slams Jamie Lynn as ‘f**king hateful’ & ‘selfish little brat’ in latest rant after sister’s tell-all

The Sun

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BRITNEY Spears continued her feud with sister Jamie Lynn with a new post claiming she “shut her out when she needed her most.”

The pop singer took down her photo of a couple of chocolate drinks alongside her slides calling out her sister in order to reupload it all with more detailed claims.

Britney wrote in the new post: “You selfish little brat! Saying how weird and dumb it was that I bought a house for Mamma!

“She was so proud and you told that interview girl that it was just weird.

“…Why did you say that?”

She went on to call Jamie Lynn “f**king hateful.”

Britney continued: “And the topic about the knife, which is ironically the only lie you’ve ever told in your whole life, why is that conversation 20 minutes?

“And [it was] the most degrading to me… OH BUT you don’t want to keep talking about it because you don’t want to HURT ANYBODY’S feelings.

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