Canada’s Justin Trudeau Threatens to ‘Target’ Americans who Donated to Freedom Convoy

Sara A Carter

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making threats…against Americans. After thousands of individuals have donated money to the GoFundMe set up to support the Canadian truckers deemed the Freedom Convoy 2022 fighting back against Canada’s vaccine mandates, Trudeau is making personal threats.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Reading from a prepared statement, Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino stated the Canadian government intends to target any American who may have donated to the Freedom Convoy protest effort. Apparently, the Canadian government wants to scare Americans away from donating to support the Freedom Protest in Ottawa. [Full Presser Video Here]

Minister Mendicino identified the Ottawa protest group as a “violent”, “hate” group. The Ottawa truck drivers were described as an “angry, loud, intolerant and violent crowd,” who “threaten the national security of Canada.”

Canadian TV News reported:

Mendicino said on Monday that Canada has a “robust” intelligence community that will flag to the government concerns of national security, as well as a separate branch within the RCMP that looks into these types of issues.

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