Canceled: NASCAR Rejects Brandon Brown’s ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Car


NASCAR has officially canceled driver Brandon Brown’s sponsorship deal with the “Let’s Go Brandon” cryptocurrency purveyor.

At the end of December, Brown announced that he was signing a deal for LGBcoin to sponsor his race team going forward.
rown later revealed that NASCAR sent a written letter approving the deal, so they went forward and even spent the money to make up the car’s LGBcoin paint scheme.

But on Jan. 3, NASCAR abruptly put a halt to the deal, telling Brown that the decision to allow the sponsorship needed to be “reviewed at a higher level” in the NASCAR leadership.

Now it appears that NASCAR has officially denied Brown’s request to sanction to LGBcoin sponsorship deal, according to the Washington Times.

NASCAR claims that, as far back as November, they made it clear that no wording or imagery referencing the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant would be allowed, according to the Washington Post.

“NASCAR on Tuesday decided against approving a sponsorship based on the anti-President Biden slogan ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ according to a NASCAR official with direct knowledge of the deliberations,” the Washington Post reported.

Further, the official told the Post that NASCAR’s decision was “not a reversal … but the governing body’s first and final word on the matter,” contradicting reports that the racing organization had initially approved the deal.

Regardless of the timing, NASCAR clearly became spooked by the subtle insult to Joe Biden that the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” represents.

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