Candace Owens Eviscerates Michelle Obama and LeBron James Over ‘Oppressed’ Narrative [VIDEO]


Candace Owens was guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight last night and she absolutely obliterated Michelle Obama’s attempt at playing the victim card in her interview on CBS.
In Michelle Obama’s interview she said “Many of us still live in fear as we go to the grocery store walking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license… If you’ve been raised to assume that all Black people are X in the case of interactions with Black men and police officers. Sadly it can often lead to death”

Candace Owen’s response to that was EPIC… “I think we have to launch an investigation because I want to know which nanny, which chef, which housekeeper, which chauffeur, which security service agent, which gardener, which landscaper is oppressing Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and their children. I think we got to get to the bottom of it at this point. I mean I looked, and it looks like her net worth is about $70 million, Gayle King’s is $40 million, Barack Obama and her combined is $135 million. Let me tell you something if that’s oppression, where can I get me some? The fact that people can look at the back of your head. You mean the secret service agents that are constantly around your children, they probably haven’t touched their own door handles in years and we are supposed to believe that you are oppressed while the rest of the country is actually suffering. Please Michelle Obama, give me some of that oppression to the rest of America because we sure could use it.”

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