Candace Owens: People Should Keep Their Eyes on Dr. ‘Simon Says’ Fauci Because ‘This Man Is Corrupt’

Biz Pac Review

Conservative author and podcaster Candace Owens mocked Dr. Anthony Fauci Monday evening, accusing him of making up COVID-19 guidance and comparing his recommendations to the follow-along game “Simon Says.”

During an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Owens responded to claims by Fauci that the coronavirus laid bare the “undeniable effects of racism” on black Americans.

“This is just so brilliant. The left is always looking for a victim, a narrative,” Owens began, adding that she believes the one true “victim” during the COVID pandemic is “science” which, she said, “has been killed by the left.”

“Science used to be this thing we all loved. I’d like to eulogize science because it made so much sense and now it is suddenly over,” she said.

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