Caravan of migrants REFUSES offer of work visas from Mexican government

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A group of thousands of migrants from Central America passing through southern Mexico has been offered visas to stay and work in Mexico by Mexican authorities on Friday. The migrants refused the offer.

The group, most of them from Central American nations, have now reached the Mexican town of Acacoyagua in Chiapas, having recently crossed the Guatemalan border.

Mexican riot police were deployed in number earlier in order to stop the caravan just outside of the town of Tapachula, which is on the Guatemalan border. Their efforts failed spectacularly, with the much larger group of migrants easily breaking the police line and advancing.

According to Reuters, “the humanitarian visas would have temporarily regularized the migrants’ legal status in Mexico while granting them access to public services like healthcare, as well as the ability to work,” on the conditions that the immigrants must first report to shelters and agree to be split up and sent elsewhere in Mexico.

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