Carlson Rips Cuomo: ‘Dumbest Person Ever’ On Cable, Makes Don Lemon ‘Look Like A Particle Physicist’

The Daily Wire

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night over remarks that Cuomo recently made about the crisis on the U.S. southern border.

Carlson made the comments during a segment on media reactions to U.S. Border Patrol using their horses to force Haitian migrants to go back across the river into Mexico after unlawfully entering the U.S.

“To me, who’s never read a book in my life, it smacks of a bygone era,” Carlson said in mocking Cuomo. “It is slavery to ride a horse through a crowd of people trying to invade our country.”

“That guy went to Yale Law School, in case you’re wondering if the system is legitimate,” Carlson continued. “Chris Cuomo really gets the credit he deserves for being the single dumbest person ever to perform on cable news, he makes Don Lemon look like a particle physicist.”

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