Cause Of Death Revealed: Bob Saget, 65, suffered fatal head injuries ‘after blacking out in bathroom…’

Daily Mail

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Florida authorities investigating the death of Full House star Bob Saget now suspect that he collapsed and struck his head against the marble floor in his hotel room bathroom, before regaining consciousness and stumbling into bed, where he was found dead more than 12 hours later.

Saget, 65, died of a brain bleed on January 9 in room 962 at the high-end Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande. His death was ruled an accident with no signs of foul play or drugs.

Investigators initially said they believed the stand-up comic sustained a fatal blow when he hit the back of his head against the bed’s headboard, despite medical experts saying that his injuries were so severe that they could have resulted from being bashed with a baseball bat, or falling 30 feet.

According to surveillance video from the hotel, Saget was last seen alive entering his room on the ninth floor of the hotel at 2.17am on January 9, hanging a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the doorknob, and locking the door behind him.

No was was seen entering or exiting the room until about 4pm that afternoon, when hotel security arrived to find Saget dead on the bed.

More than a month later, investigators tell People Magazine they now believe that Saget blacked out in the hotel bathroom and fell backward onto the white marble floor.

Investigators appeared to working by process of elimination after they were unable to find any evidence of hair or blood onĀ  marble end tables and counters in the bathroom.

At some point, Saget apparently came to and made his way to the bed, where he passed out a second time and died. His time of death was estimated to be around 4am.

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