CBS Caught Deleting Footage After Their Reporter Highlights Gruesome Details About Pandemic

Western Journal

CBS News couldn’t take the heat when a journalist remarked on air about the adverse impact ongoing pandemic measures, like lockdowns, school closures and masking mandates, are having on our youngsters today and how little the media seems interested in covering it.

So they just scrubbed the woman’s verboten remarks from airing.

And these fake news hucksters wonder why Donald Trump calls them the “enemy of the people”?

The Media Research Center’s Newsbusters website caught the glaring omission on Sunday, when longtime CBS reporter and the network’s chief legal correspondent, Jan Crawford, brought up concerns about children’s mental health amid the pandemic during a segment on “Face the Nation.”

The clip quickly went viral, likely because this is a common-sense issue that the vast majority of Americans ought to be highly concerned about.

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