CDC Admits 10% Of COVID Nose Swabs Sent For Genomic Sequencing Analysis


If you took a COVID-19 PCR test, there’s a chance your swab may have been sent to scientists around the globe for genomic sequencing analysis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

In a tweet, the CDC said five to 10 percent of COVID PCR tests are sent to labs for mapping “genomic sequencing.” Genomic sequencing is a process used to analyze the genetic makeup of viruses. However, the announcement made by the CDC has sparked human DNA privacy questions.

People were not happy.

However, people are misunderstanding, says professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard Albert Ascherio. In this case, scientists are analyzing the sequencing of the COVID-19 virus for variants like Delta and Omicron. Sequences from collected tests can be compared to help scientists track the spread of a virus, how it is changing, and how those changes may affect public health.

Ascherio says the PCR tests used for genomic sequencing help distinguish common variants of the virus, not human DNA.

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